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Our advantages

USDD is the first and only stable coin with a public benefit company behind its operations

Through USDD we provide access to functional alternatives of regular US Dollar. USDD provides a safe harbor for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. Each USDD is backed by one US dollar, all USDD collateral is held in FDIC insured accounts and a basket of stable, ultra low risk fixed income assets.

Hermesus Custody is a qualified custodian

Hermesus Custody operates as a standalone, independently-capitalized business. Custody is a qualified cryptocurrency custodian under applicable law and our strategic broker/dealer relationships.

We accept deposits in USD in the form of Wire Transfers, and ACH transfers

We will be accepting Debit Cards and Credit Cards soon. Payments are made via our service provider, and FDIC-i Insured Bank. Fast deposit via Wire. Cost effective via ACH

Register Today and receive 100 HAS as a bonus gift

100 HAS coins will be gifted to each user of the platform upon registration. For each of your referrals you will be awarded extra 100 HAS coins.

At Hermesus, you can purchase USDD with USD

At Hermesus, you can purchase USDD with USD and convert your USDD back to USD with $0.00 cost in trading Fees. Fees for USD deposit and withdrawal may apply.

Our goal is to make crypto trading easily accessible

We don’t have large enterprise operating costs that allow this allows us to have lower fees. We are focused on providing trading, custody and quality customer service. Quality and simplicity is a key to successful trading.

Hermesus is designed with an intuitive and simple to use interface

The Hermesus Exchange has a soft and easy to use interface that is matched with the platform mobile app for simplified navigation and operation.

High Frequency Trading Platform

Hermesus was tested with trading capacity reaching over a million transactions per second per trading pair. This sets a high standard for competitors in the industry.

Custodial Cryptocurrency Storage

Hermesus is a qualified cryptocurrency custodial service provider and can provide custody services for clients in all 50 States with International service coverage.

Hermesus security for your peace of mind

We take careful measures to ensure that your crypto is as safe as possible.

We utilize the latest security policies used in the FinTech industry.

Funds are isolated and 4 eye technology is engaged.

As a standard we use 2FA authentication for Tx signatures.

System.IO.IsolatedStorage is used for storing data.

The platform is designed without direct memory access.


We are compliant cryptocurrency custodians for all 50 States

We are qualified to provide cryptocurrency custody services to clients in all 50 states owing to our strategic relationships and applicable law.

Our legal and compliance team comprises professionals with combined nearly 50 years experience in fintech and financial services law.

Our entity maintains the right to hold and manage cryptocurrency assets as a custodian owing to our specialized corporate status.

We work with leading financial services providers to ensure safety and security of our customers’ crypto assets.