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Hermesus advantages

Hermesus Custody is a qualified custodian

Hermesus is a qualified cryptocurrency custodial service provider and can provide custody services for clients in all 50 States with international service coverage. Additionally, Hermesus Custody is integrated into the Hermesus Exchange and can operate as a standalone business.
Hermesus advantages

We accept USD deposits in the form of wire transfers

Payments are made via our service provider, a US-domiciled bank. Deposits are credited rapidly, and we accept debit and credit cards.
Hermesus advantages

Low cost trading

Our trading fees are lower than our competitors', allowing our users to keep more of what's theirs. Check out our fee schedule here
Hermesus advantages

At Hermesus, you can purchase USDC with USD

At Hermesus, you can rapidly and efficiently move into and out of USDC. We do not charge a fee to convert from USD to or from USDC. Fees for USD deposit and withdrawal may apply.
Hermesus advantages

Our goal is to make crypto trading easily accessible

We strive to provide hassle-free trading, custody, and quality customer service. In addition, our low operating costs allow us to maintain lower fees, enabling you to take control of your cryptocurrency.
Hermesus advantages

Hermesus is designed with an intuitive and simple to use interface

The Hermesus Exchange has a smooth and easy-to-use interface that is matched with the mobile app, released in Q1 2022, for simplified navigation and operation.

Hermesus security for your peace of mind


We take careful measures to ensure that your cryptocurrency is safe.


We use the latest FinTech industry security policies.


Hermesus uses Cold Storage for custody to prevent unauthorized access.


Our exchange and custody codebase undergoes a 3rd party audit each quarter.


Withdrawals are handled via banking system security protocols.


Our expert security team reviews all transactions flagged as suspicious via our internal protocols.


We are compliant cryptocurrency custodians for all 50 States


We are qualified to provide cryptocurrency custody services to clients in all 50 states owing to our strategic relationships and applicable law.


Our legal and compliance team comprises professionals with nearly 50 years of experience in fintech and financial services law.


Our entity maintains the right to hold and manage cryptocurrency assets as a custodian owing to our specialized corporate status.


We work with leading financial services providers to ensure the safety and security of our customers’ cryptocurrency assets.